Our company has recently begun development on a number of WordPress plugins are aimed at helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their audience online.

For the first time in our company’s history, we will begin offering an array of official Tekoso WordPress plugins and themes that are slated for 2017 release. Many of these plugin ideas have been on the shelf for years due to our focus on client work, however since we’re moving into the e-commerce sector, we’ve decided to package a few of our most useful proprietary code into helpful plugins that are sure to make blogging and selling online that much faster and easier.

Some ideas include search engine management software in various forms and offering a number of features. We’ve already built much of this for a few clients but are now going to be allowing access to the public for a monthly fee. We’re hoping to offer a free “lite” version of each plugin, but at the very least we will make sure these apps are affordable.

Development takes time, but we’re diligently working to get our first plugin up and running by mid-October. Our first theme is slated for late October or early November, time permitting. We are seeking affiliates as well, who can apply to become an official Tekoso affiliate by using our contact form.

If you have any suggestions for plugin features and ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us as well!